Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by measuring air quality.

The Airband Project is committed to measuring air pollution for governments and citizens, and we believe businesses have a part to play. We're interested in working with businesses who want to sponsor deployments of our sensors, or have vehicles which they can be mounted on. If this is you, get in touch today.


What are the benefits?

Increased workforce productivity

Providing clean air in the workplace is vital to employee productivity. DEFRA studies show a 16% productivity increase when workplace satisfaction is high, including air quality. Airband lets you identify times and places with less pollution, and the pollution visualisation tool helps you identify and tackle sources of dirty air. Your employees also benefit from the personalised pollution tracking to make them happier and healthier on their commutes and in their daily lives.

Improved satisfaction and wellbeing

58% of employees say that air quality is key to workplace satisfaction (IZA). Transparency in health data and the guarantee of a safe workplace improves wellbeing. Let employees know their health is your priority, and allow them to make informed decisions to protect themselves - as well as using our actionable insights to protect your most vulnerable employees.

Enhanced stakeholder reputation

Meet your ESG goals responsibly with quantifiable data and actionable insights for all of your workplaces and employees. Contribute to your triple bottom line by demonstrating your commitment to clean air both in the workplace and in the wider community and be able to showcase it simply and clearly through our reporting.

360° bespoke solution

Leverage our vertically integrated sensor and processing technologies in a custom solution tailored to ensure you meet your specific goals - including any combination of sensors or customised reporting system. Talk to us today to see how our bespoke solutions can benefit you.

Add powerful metrics to your ESG toolbox

We're making industrial air quality monitoring smart. Our real-time data analytics are designed to bring your business actionable insights to help you manage your air quality and ESG positioning.


Upgrade to dynamic with IoT technology

Replace existing standalone monitoring solutions with a dynamic IoT solution. Use a combination of stationary and mobile sensors for unparalleled hyperlocal  monitoring across facilities.


We're inspiring the pollution
data revolution