Bring concrete data to the table

Existing pollution monitoring networks are simply not comprehensive enough. Airband brings a higher resolution, more powerful, and cheaper solution.

We believe government decisions should be data driven, and citizens should have transparent data on air pollution and other key environmental factors.


How can we help?

Use our data for policymaking and validation

Our hyperlocal data can inform new policy decisions or evaluate the success of current clean air initiatives. We do the processing and provide you with easy to understand data that can be shared with citizens.

Improve labour productivity

Air pollution has been shown to increase labour productivity by up to 16% (according to IZA). Subsidised industrial air quality monitoring gives businesses the opportunity to make change and improves the resolution of local pollution data.

Increase awareness to drive change

Public health awareness is critical to ensuring the acceptance of public policy in combat of air pollution, especially if it necessarily means a compromise. Airband provides the key data to substantiate policy initiatives.

Utilise conditional modelling

Airband provides realtime conditional models to help monitor specific pollution hotspots or regions when required. Data mining and report generation is made easy using our government web dashboard.

See how data makes us tick

We're revolutionising air quality monitoring. Our real-time data analytics and measurements provide data 16x more effectively than current solutions.


We're inspiring the pollution
data revolution